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Icon Contest for Phantom of the Opera fans

Hello, all!

First I'd like to apologize that I've rather abandoned this community, basically because I haven't felt icon-making inspiration for ages now. It may be partly because I got into photography, so that's where my creative energies have been flowing! (You can see my photostream on Flickr, though it too is a bit neglected of late.)

This post goes out to all the Phantom of the Opera fans reading.

Phantom of the Opera .com is holding an icon contest for new Phantom icons, as new avatars on the forums there. The winners will also be posted here, if they have icon journals or pages to be linked to.

So if you're a Phantom fan and an icon maker, please consider entering!

You have to register for the forums to post your entry there, but there's no requirement to participate in discussion or anything. Though you're very welcome if you want to!

I'd love to get some good entries, so I thought I'd post here and let you know about it. Feel free to post this to any relevant communities, should you want to, too.
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90 icons - film, tv, and random

Something of a random selection of icons again this time, including a few suitable for Halloween.

13 classic horror - Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, Max Shrek
26 Buffy and/or Angel - Willow, Faith, Giles, Wesley, and 10 Vampire Willow
9 The Young Ones
and various from the strange to the dark to the beautiful

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59 random and somewhat bizarre icons

A rather random set of 59 icons, mostly of somewhat strange and peculiar images, some of them filling requests. It's kind of my version of the type of icon posts you find at the wonderful and unique iconomicon.

Includes some with swear words. Also, signs, bugs, 1984, lego, cartoons, book covers, funnies, and random oddness.


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Thanks also to everyone who answered the requests and suggestions thread. I'll be going through making some for as many of the suggestions as I can - next set is going to include a bunch of classic horror icons, amongst other things.

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Suggestions, requests, favourites...

As there are more than 400 people watching this community, I thought I'd ask what your favourite kind of icons are, and what you'd like to see me make more of.

I'm not going to promise to fill all requests, but please throw out any suggestions you'd like - movies, tv shows, colours, words, themes, lyrics, objects, political issues, whatever. As random as you like, whether it's something I've ever iconed before or not.

Also if you want to request an icon from a specific picture, go ahead, but please give me a link to the pic. Say if you want any particular text, or want it dark or light, or whatever.

Thank you all! :)